Close the Loop -
360 Vodka was created to be the first eco friendly distilled spirit in the world. We have taken the leadership position in our industry by creating a one-of-a-kind, award-winning vodka and an innovative recycling program that helps to preserve our environment by reducing waste and resource consumption.

The bottle is designed for infinite reuse, thanks to the swing-top cap. We love to see our bottles reused for anything from olive oil to water to spices and even candy. For those who choose to recycle their bottle, we developed the Close The Loop program. The program is simple: before recycling the bottle, simply remove the swing-top cap and mail it back to us in the postage paid envelope (made from 100% recycled paper). We’ll reuse it, thereby reducing waste and conserving the resources and energy to make a new one.

To date, we’ve received close to 50,000 swing-top caps and for each one we receive, we donate $1.00 to Global Green USA who share our same commitment to sustainability.

Recycling Efforts -
In 2007, 167 tons of material was recycled from our day-to-day operations which included PET, glass, packaging components, metals, electronics, and paper. In addition, an on-site recycling co-op & drop off center has been established at our Weston Facility for employees home recycling efforts. The program was launched in December of 2007 and has been well received with 88% employee participation.

Paper Reduction Activities -
The following activities have been implemented to reduce paper consumption: document imaging, electronic invoicing, electronic order confirmation, desk-side paper recycling bins, office paper 30% pcw, double-side printing, tag outbound email with an environmental notification to consider the environment before printing, a multi media conference room designed for teleconference communications & projector accessibility to reduce handouts and conference materials. Efforts are underway to opt out of unwanted fax and junk mail.

Green Power -
In 2007, the company purchased renewable energy certificates to offset electricity and natural gas consumption for three years at our Weston facility. In addition, biodiesel fuel is purchased for on-site maintenance equipment and shuttle truck operations.

Green Purchasing -
Employees purchasing supplies on behalf of the company have been advised to purchase goods and services with a green state of mind. For example, MRO/Office supplies (CFL bulbs, environmental friendly cleaning products, electronics with "energy star" rating, business cards 100% pcw, monthly planners/writing tablets 100% recycled product/soy inks & cover 30% post-consumer fiber, packaging materials, taste cups, etc.)

Employee Participation -
McCormick has assembled a "Green Group" whose task is to improve environmental performance, increase operating efficiencies thereby saving energy and heighten employee awareness and conservation. Recycling bulletin boards are posted with up to date information regarding recycling efforts, green sense, FAQ's and McCormick's recycling newsletter. CFL bulbs were distributed to all on-site employees to promote "green" living practices.